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Company introduction

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Company introduction

Jindex Stock Co., Limted is the leading company in the textile and apparel industry, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, exporting & importing, investment management in embroidery, quilting, knitting and garment CAD/CAM and also the relative accessories.

Jindex uses the intelligent technology to improve the company for the textile and garment industry, automotive interior industry, advertising, packaging industry, composite material industry,and make these industries become mordern enterprises.Jindex improves the development of the whole nonmetal industries , and the CAD/CAM technology makes the products design , purchase and product cycle more faster ,and decreases the cost of these process.

Jindex CAD/CAM can promote the whole international textile, clothing design and production industry to a higher level.Hong Kong Jindex always strives to establish an open high-tech entity and make it as the main development goal.


Jindex's senior management personnel in the textile and garment industry spent more than 10 years in research and development, production and have management experience.Jindex garment CAD/CAM has been striving to build a world-class design and production CAD/CAM platform for our target customers.Thanks to a growing number of customer recognition,Jindex becomes more and more famous in the textile and clothing industry. Jindex has many agents from more than 50 countries.


AS a flagship enterprise in the textile and apparel CAD/CAM system in China, Jindex is not only a Hong Kong enterprise to be listed, but also a high-tech enterprise which is integrating software and hardware. Company goal “Respect talent, rely on technical innovation, product focuses on customer demand ”,Hong Kong Jindex is always trying to improve and reform in textile and clothing industry and makes the process of prodction more informatization. Jindex manufactures CAD which is synchronization the global technology innovation. In order to make her into a global famous brand,Jindex provides service to every guest and make them satisfy.


Shenzhen Jindex Stock Co., Ltd products and sells and provides after sales service in the mainland.


Your satisfication is our struggling goals.

Company concept

the core value of concept

Creating products and providing services for society;Create opportunities and space for individuals.

idea of development

Invest in technology-driven equipments and plans for implementation, and contribute to social welfare, products and economic prosperity and talent cultivation and obey the environmental obligation ;

To maximize shareholders' interests and creat innovate , through timely investment, mergers and acquisitions, identify, create and invest opportunities for sustainable development。

idea of development

As a long-term supplier of value-added products, JindeX continuously meets the needs of customers with high quality and stable product , excellent manufacturing technology and excellent service。




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Address:Jindex Science Park, NO. 29 of Bai Sha Road , Xinqiao Shajin Bao an District, Shenzhen, P.R.C

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