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Shenzhen Jindex Stock Co., Ltd-Company introduction

Shenzhen Jindex stock Co., Ltd is one of the high-technology companies, specialized in the CAD /CAM development and manufacture and engaged in providing integrated solutions for non-metal industries from the CAD/CAM researching, producting, selling exporting and importing some accessories. Jindex aims at improving the industry like textile clothing industry, automobile interior decoration industry, advertising packaging industry, composite materials industry and changes them to modern enterpri...

Why choose Jindex

Always strive to meet customer needs

Strong software compatibility

The latest and highly compatible cutting machine control software can be compatible with WIN10,WIN8,WIN7 and other systems, and control is faster and easier

Standard equipped with aluminum honeycomb plate

It's standard equipped with high precision aluminum honeycomb bedplate which is up to 43 mm thick. Partition adsorption air automatically open and closeas the cutting path changes, which ensures the maximum adsorption force 。

Improved vibrating head

It enhances to improved vibration cutting head, and make long service life. With imported motors and high end actuators, it ensures faster cutting speed and low noise and smoothes cutting materials。

Comprehensive configuration selection

Optional gun head and configuration. Continuous feeding and fixed table. 45 degrees V knife, pressure wheel, rotary cutter, CCD camera positioning tool, module drive and enhanced gear and rack drive, etc


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They choose Jindex

our goal is to service the customers


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Cutting machine consulting:13714511631 Lilian

inkjet cutter consulting:13714511810 Candy




address:Jindex Science Park, NO. 29 of Bai Sha Road , Xinqiao Shajin Bao an District, Shenzhen, P.R.C

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