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Automatic cutting machine JDAC-07 series
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The machine adopts advanced technology module,and it is standardized with high stability, high intelligent, high sensitivity,high anti-interference.In order to enhance operability, it adopts the intuitive touch technology and uses advanced control software. Users can quickly and easily complete pr
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Product Introduction

Functions and special feature

Intelligent automatic cutting machine   
 Advantage 1: decrease the cost

1.reduce the employee:

Recently, the cost in all kinds of industries increase, which makes the profit decrease. But the automatic device help to reduce the employee.

 2.Increase efficiency ;;

 Automatic device efficiency is several times than manual efficiency, such as  the normal cutting bed , the manual efficiency is 2 to 3 meters per second, 

but the cutting bed is more than 10 meters. The auto cutting device can avoid recut, which can save time and short the sewing process and increase 


 3.Drcrease labor intensity ;
 The auto cutting and laying cloth system reduces the labor intensity.

 4. Reduce waste;
 Precise layout requires equipment to  implement which  increase the utilization of the fabric and greatly reduce the waste of fabric  
  Advantage 2: the requirement of the quality 


With the improvement of people's living standard, the requirement of the garment quality increases. The design and creative and individuality are more and 

more important, which requires the management and production increase

 1.Improve quality;
Precise layout and cutting improve the in the process.

 2.The cutting bed can deal with some special design.  
 Advantage 3: management requirement

 1.Improve the management;
 It is easy to manage the cutting center when it reduces the labor.

 2.It is easy for the cutting itself;
 The device can calculate accuracy and statistics.

 3.Improve the product environment ;
 Traditional cutting model pollutes the environment, which can cause bad products. The digital cutting machine is environment protection by exhaust pipe.

 4.Improve the enterprises' image;

The digital cutting machine follows the world management level. United, standardized production is the guarantee of quality, and clean, orderly cropping 

environment reduces the rate of bad products, which can improve the company's image.

 5.Improve safety ;
When it uses the manual cutting, workers need to focus on the work, which it is safety. But the digital machine avoids this safety problem.


Function of automatic intelligent cutting bed:


It adopts advanced technology with high stablity . International advanced technology platform; high intelligence; high sensitivity; high anti-

interference.In order to make the operation easier, it adopts touvh technology. Using the image of control software, the users can complete the operation 

.The cutting accuracy is high and it has stable shape and high efficiency, which can product  high-grade suit. It satisfies many different requirements. The cutting and laying material can be completed at the smae time, which makes cutting more accuracy without any uncut areas.



 Fast--the cutting speed is 4-6 times than the traditional labor speed. It realizes fast production , especially for the minimum order and multiple types. 

 Accurate--it can accurate to 0.1 to 1mm , and continue to cut, which avoids damaging the materials.

 Save--the material used rate is improved 5% on average. It can directly reduce the cost.  
 1、European design with stable structure. High precise cutting;the cutting height is within 7cm  

 2、Quick cutting speed. The speed of motor controlling main knife is up to 6800r/min and the maximum  cutting speed is 60m/min

 3、Oscillating knife can cut any soft materials.

 4、With powerful compatibility. Any file format can be read and it is easy to input and exchange.

 5、The panel is easy operated. The material can be devided into several parts to adsorption.

 6、Unique vaccum adsorption technology makes the working environment quite.

Fully automatic multi-layer cutting JDAC-07 series







Operation properties

Computer operation and cutting machines can be used    simultaneously for quick data transmission and can becapable of continuous operations

Cutting speed





Cut materials

Fabric, PU material



Cutting tool 



Gas flow


supply voltage


Cutting area









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