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CO2 laser cutter
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Jindex's latest design , laser cutting machine, has the network port/USB port and U disk copy with the function of the transmission of three-in-one super powerful. 1.Real color display function. 2.The main board has 64MB memory and can save 1000 files. 3.With convenient and powerful control panel
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Product Introduction

Functions and special feature

Jindex latest designs the network laser cutting machine with the network port/USB port and U disk copy transmission and three-in-one super powerful function

1、with powerful function and 24 color  display

2、the main board with 64MB memory  can save 1000 files  

3、convenient and powerful control panel. Arbitrary positioning origin, offset reference point, point-shot positioning, repeated cutting, input repeated cutting arbitrary values

4、with powerful HUB transmission function. A computer can control 254 laser machines which can help decrease the cost.

5、U disk upgrade function can quickly upgrade the main board program.


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