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Continuous flatbed inkjet cutter JD-JC series
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1.Automatic knife depth adapting system can easy to find the best depth of the knife. It can be adjusted in the computer and easy to operate. 2. Be able to cut 1-10 meter long paper samples continuously, in the process of cutting, the machine digitalization and automatic controls the adsorption of
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Product Introduction

Functions and special feature

Jindex continuous flatbed inkjet cutter 

                                   ——double cartridge heads & auto feeding paper system


1、Automatic knife depth  adapting system can help easyly find the best knife depth value as it changes to new or different knife. 

2、It can continue to cut 1 to 10m paper . During the process of cutting, it can suck the paper automatically.


3、Intelligent controller supports the long distance  data transmission. It is quiet  when the machine is working


4、Automatic feeding paper system ensures accuracy feeding . The operation is easy. The independent feeding rack can bear 50kg paper.


5、Standard equipped adsorption platform and low noise air pump. 


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