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JD-V4-CAD software
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Function:pattern design+grading+file conversion+auto marker laying Production value: realizing non-pattern manage, computerize designing clothes, 5 profit maximization Product feature: formula patttern making, sewing design experience
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Product Introduction

Jindex V6 pattern can make smaple board by parameter templet and free templet. The operation is easy and flexible. The tool of V6 is easier to operate than V4.

JD V4 can make the sample board by formula parameter. It can automatic grad. It is complicated when it makes the sample board. You cannot change the line when you use the complicated formula, but the co-movement is stronger and easy to learn.

These two software have their advantages and disadvantages respectively, as below shows:

1.It is more convenient to make creasing and dart by JD V6 and it is easy to make creasing.But there have many tools. It needs good memory.(It is not obvious when you use V4 )
2.Jindex V6 software process has not too much regulation,but it is strong flexibility, such as  snip and hole location.It modify the snip and the size and position of the hole location  (it is not easy to modify the snip and hole location by using V4. It has fixed position. If you want to modify, you must delete the previous add, and then add, and there must be a point when you add at the snip)

3.Jindex V6 software can change the lines at will, for example, the wavy line (V4 only curve and straight line)

4.Jindex V4 software can automatic grad and make pattern, because  it will automatic make pattern when it makes the first pattern. It is based on the well done pattern to make other pattern, so the different size of the pattern will not less than 0.1mm. However, V6 software can automatic grad, the maximum value of the pattern will be more than 1mm.

5.Jindex V4 software correlation is very strong, such as the relationship between the garment body and sleeves. If I change the size of the armhole curve, the sleeves of sleeve will automatically change. The V6 can also like that, but the lines will be changed, and can't keep the original form.

6.Jindex V4 software can be used to draw lines or paper samples on the dynamic structure layer. After the flip, the line or paper can not be modified, while the V4 software can be flipped easily and can be adjusted to any line or pattern.

7.Jindex V4 software only can  put yard without point grading automatically. If the point need to  put yard,it  can be read by digitizer (read board) into the pattern, after reading in the pattern on the basis of grading, V6 software can put size on the top of an arbitrary point, and don't need to read in the pattern and software painted pattern.

8.Jindex V6 software can show the seaming portion, while V4 software does not show the seaming amount.

9.There is only one X representative for Jindex V4 software punching mark, and there is only one t-type of the cutting mouth, while V6 has multiple hole marks and cutting marks



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