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JD-V9-CAD software
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Function:pattern design+grading+file conversion+auto marker laying Production value: realizing non-pattern manage, computerize designing clothes, 5 profit maximization Product feature: free plate-making, sample and easy to learn and operate
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Product Introduction

Function and Introduction:


I、Model of Jindex V6 high speed

1. owning a powerful version tool. Meet the  traditional custom and make the users enjoy the accuracy computer work 

2. it can memorize the data and step, and auto upgrade the pattern acording to the size and auto  grading.

3. provide a variety of typing method ,such as,prototyping,formula method , formula method, ratio method, and customization

4.provide professional modified tool, whch can make the dart line transfer and modify the local area and deal with the edge.

5. provide professional length measurement, tools to compare the length. It can measure the length accuracy and  manu modify the difference value.

6. provide many unit  for the picture (cm, mm,inch ), and it can exchange the unit to meet the customers' needs

7. owning auto copy function, and with safety recovery function.

8. provide garment spare parts  and marker details,  which can help to make garment.



                           intelligent layout                                                                        automatic axis



II、Model of Jindex V6 high speed grading

1.it can provide many grading ways: point grading, line grading,regular grading. Point grading is similiar to the manual  operation, and  it is easy to learn and accuracy  and faster. The unique design make the grading more easier and faster.
2 when it comes to test, you can use the digitizer to input the pattern data, which saves much time, and make the pattern more correct.
3.Have a series of tools. it can change the pattern again. such as , add a snip,buckle and auxiliary line .Split and merge symmetric , copy the paper samples. Adjust , modify the curve and straight line length

4.provide standard CAD format (such as*.dxf*.aama ), and compatible with other CAD systems

5.provide a variety of drawing language, and it can connect to the current market all plotter, engraving machine and other specialized hardware equipment.


                          (point layout)                                                                                 (point layout)


III、Model of  Jindex V6  high speed layout

1、 humanized layout system: manual  layout /automatic  layout /human-machine interactive  layout  which is free to choose 
2、powerful automatic spliting function: can be used to automatically separate the bed according to the fabric/lippings/accessories or different colors.
3、leading counting document
4、auxiliary process sheet: a good assistant in factory manager/merchandiser 
5、the layout of the knitting drum cloth. The Jindex layout  system can design the professional module according to its characteristic development. the sample can be opened and closed . it has three ways to layout : manual, automatic and the man-machine interactive. the automatic can be used to estimate material and cost and it can guess the length of the material , but the man-machine interactive can be used to product 
a)  ways to pattern position: adjust the silk,, flip rotate, limit overlap, quantitative overlap, multi-slice close, fixed long row of material
b)  pattern design files , grading files can be read in the working area. any different styles  can be randomly mixed, set up, and avoid multiple rows or leaky rows.
c)  it has function to avoid shrinking
d)  the system can not only to layout normal material but also layout knitting drum cloth.
e)  this system can not only draw 1:1 cloth or layout , but also print any ratio pattern  which is easy to observe and check. and it control the production.


          (super layout)                                                                                  (combine the various fabrics of marker)



                    (unfold knife  fold )                                                                          (add and reduce 1 set )


IV、Model of Jindex V6 high speed files conversion

1、Jindex CAD can read Gerber TMP format, MOD files

2、Jindex CAD can read Lectra IBA  format, and the cloth information AAMA/DXF

3、Jindex CAD can read GBR of PAD and the DXF, AAMA format. 


                                             (all kinds of  format files conversion)


V、maximize the benefits

benefits1:auto layout and grading  makes you provide good service for the user and increase your customers satisfaction

with the perfessional users' operation, Jindex auto layout, grading system can make the pattern that you need. it can calculate the materials and provide  order information, which make you answer your customers' queations and the price.

benefits 2: the faster and accuracy layout technology makes you reveive the order and profits.

based on the faster response system, it will help you save time in design and layout. 

benefits 3:system has a powrful compatibility with CAD files

it can compatibility foreignal GERBER, LECTRA, PAD format and the original files format, which makes you feel more convenientoduct to product   

benefits 4:leaded by the humanized concept of Hong Kong's international metropolis , Shenzhen has the advantages of internationalization and localization.

Jindex system can be upgraded faster and satisfy the users' need. the operation is sample and save the learning time and cost of the software.

benefits 5:no time difference service system and speed--provide faster response system to deal with the customers' problem. the service includes technology teaching , BBS and remote teaching and supporting.we provide QQ/SKYPE /Wechat to solve the problem.

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